How to make simple things on the Internet

How to make simple things on the Internet

Horikita started being wary of such things in order to get us out of class D. Protesting to the school resulted in nothing for her. Ah, it hurts. Dammit, if Horikita dozes off during class, I’ll do the same thing to her.

As everyone stood up to go to lunch, Hirata started to talk.

“The test that Chiyabashira-sensei mentioned is coming up soon. Everyone understands that they’ll have to drop out of school if they receive failing marks. So, I think that it would be best if we form study groups.”

It looks like the hero of class D decided to start a charity project.

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“If you neglect your studies, you’ll immediately receive failing grades and drop out. I want to avoid that situation. Studying isn’t solely for avoiding that situation, because there is also a high possibility that our test scores are reflected on our points. If we get high grades, the assessment of our class would probably go up. I asked some of the people who got good grades to help out. So, I would like people who are worried about their grades to come participate in the study group. Of course, everyone is welcome to join.”

Hirata stared at Sudou while he made his speech.

“… Tch.”

Sudou averted his eyes, crossed his arms, then closed his eyes.

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Every since Sudou rejected Hirata’s invitation to do a self-introduction, their relationship has been bad.

“From 5 o’clock today until the day of the test, I plan to study every day for 2 hours in this classroom. If you have any thoughts of participating, please come. Of course, it’s fine if you have to leave halfway. That’s all.”

As soon as he said that, several of the students with failing marks stood up and went to Hirata.

Sudou, Ike, and Yamauchi were the only ones that didn’t go up to Hirata. Ike and Yamauchi hesitated for a moment, but in the end, they didn’t approach him.

I wasn’t sure whether they were afraid of Sudou’s bad mood, or if they were simply jealous of his popularity.

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“Are you free during lunch? Do you want to eat together?”

During break-time, Horikita came up to me asked.

“An invitation from you is unusual. I feel scared for some reason.”

“It’s nothing to be scared about. I can buy you the vegetable set, if you’re fine with it.”

Isn’t that the free meal…?

“Just kidding. I’ll seriously buy you whatever you want to eat.”