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“Um, firstly, I’m glad.”

“…Glad to know what?”

“Ah, I mean, at least you don’t seem to hate me or anything. I’m glad to know that.”

“O-Of course, how could I possibly hate you?”

“T-Thank you.”

His feet are shivering once again; maybe it’s because he is embarrassed? It’s effortless to guess how he feels, which is why I love-

Just when I’m thinking about all this-

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“With that said, Tendou-san, I sincerely ask you for something imposing…”

After he said that, his legs stopped shivering and are now firmly in place. Then, I realized…

“Ahhhhh, here it comes.”

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When you have to face reality, the horror you once had will die down. It’s like when you are on the guillotine waiting for execution, no point of struggling anymore. All I wish right now is that I won’t break into tears.

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I made up my mind and raised my head.

Then, I can finally see Amano-kun’s face, bathed in the sunset. His face…

-is decorated with an innocent and shy smile.

“Um, if you don’t mind, can you please go out on a date with me?”