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“It’s because onii-san pressed the wrong button. He called us just then, and I bet it’s just a mistake. Then, I just pressed the accept button. Moreover, I think he turned his volume to the max. In the end, it miraculously turned into an eavesdropping device.”

“I see…”

I was relieved. From this perspective, Kousei-kun isn’t that unusual-

“…So, Kousei, even though you knew it, you aren’t ending the call? Also, you even carefully muted the app on our side so that they can’t hear us…”


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…Kousei-kun smiled at us. We quickly looked away.

Konoha-san and I can’t stop sweating as we peeked at Amano-kun and Chiaki-san.

“…Yes, yes! Hiya, that part where he meets up with the protagonist from the last game is really exciting!”

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“Yeah! Many RPGs failed to round up the story when they involved the prequel’s plot. As for this sequel, it connected the story of the last game’s protagonist. The mood got really excited-“

I can hear their cheerful conversation from Kousei-kun’s phone. As for him, …he got his phone close to us and asked with a devilish voice.

“Well, can I end the call now? It’s okay, right? I’m ending it. Get ready…”

“No, no, no, you don’t need to cut it so fast. This department store has Wi-Fi, after all!”


The middle schooler that’s smiling like Satan, and the high school girls looking away from guilt, …what’s wrong with this new year?

Anyway, we’re still eavesdropping on those two at a corner of the kid’s clothing area. Luckily, there’s barely anyone around here, and I guess we aren’t bothering anyone too.

As for Amano-kun and Chiaki-san, they kept browsing the games’ shelves together. The two are sincerely enjoying the “casualness” of selecting the games in a department store. …As a gamer, it’s not like I can’t understand how they feel. It’s because this isn’t a game store or shop that picks grand titles specifically. So, it really gives off that deep “it’s been a long time since I saw this game” feeling. That’s something you can experience in a department store!

So, I’m quite interested in their conversation. However, that’s not the case for the younger siblings, who are not really fond of games.

Konoha-san looks a bit fed up with the eavesdropped conversation as she spoke up.