What are the online mathematics?

What are the online mathematics?

“Then…what does he has to do with my sister by now?”

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By now? Even though I’m not sure what that means…Sigh, whatever.

“…I have no idea either.”

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Konoha-san and I looked at each other before we nodded with an empty head.

After a second, we asked Chiaki at the same time. “W-What’s wrong?”

Then…Chiaki’s eyes lost focus as she explained with her lips trembling.

“U-Uehara-kun…he…said a single sentence with a serious tone before hanging up…”

“…What did the guy say?”


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Chiaki swallowed her saliva in the middle of the sentence. Then… she continued.

“He said, “I’m choosing you only!” loudly…”


During this moment, we put everything we had talked about to the side. Konoha-san and I lost our emotions.

Then, Chiaki, who’s seemingly trying to confirm something with us…she mumbled.

“T-This means that…what Uehara-kun means is that…!”

Following that sentence, the scene fell silent as if the sea is ebbing. Then, at the next moment-

Like a violent tsunami, all of us shouted at the top of our lungs!


-During these few days, our mind has been subtly wrapped in confusion.