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“Hey, you, what’s wrong with you?”

“Going so far... why, what’s the point?”


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I’m so weakened that I can’t spar, and Mortriage and the guys were so dismayed at my strange appearance that they couldn’t bear to watch.

The same goes for the other dojo guys.

It seems that no one can understand me now.

“At this rate... you...... will die? Earth!”

Finally, Mr. Machio couldn’t stand to watch any longer, so he stood in front of me.

“The instructor left you to your own devices, and I was watching you, wondering if there was any meaning to it. But if you carry on like this, you could die at any moment, you know?”

He’s worried. Everyone was, about me.

But right now, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to stop, talk, or even just be interrupted like this.

“Out...of... way, please.”