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Lin Canrong nodded. “That’s right. Boss Pei has thought of that as well.

“He didn’t allow Ming Yun Private Kitchen to set up a Gourmet Laboratory. He said he would only allow me to use the research results from Fish-Catching Take-Out’s Gourmet Laboratory’.”

Rui Yuchen was stunned. “Use our research results? They’ll be useless to you. All of them are averagely-priced dishes; you can’t sell them at Ming Yun Private Kitchen.”

Lin Canrong smiled and shook his head. “That’s what I thought at first, too. However, I later realized that there was more to Boss Pei’s words!

“Both of our departments are in the food and beverage industry. On the surface, one is a high-end restaurant, and the other is an averagely-priced take-out business. However, both of them are brands under Tengda Corporation!

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“If we each started a Gourmet Laboratory to work on our own projects, we would not be able to maximize common resources. In fact, we would be wasting resources. “What’s more, it makes sense for Fish-Catching Take-Out to set up a Gourmet Laboratory, given its size. Ming Yun Private Kitchen is a small-scale restaurant. No matter how popular it is, there is only one restaurant. Running a Gourmet Laboratory would be exhausting-it would be biting off more than it can chew.

“However, what if we combined our resources?

“Boss Pei said he would let Ming Yun Private Kitchen make use of Fish-Catching Take-Out’s research results. He was hinting to us not to draw such a distinct line between us. We can research together and share the results. One Gourmet Laboratory is more than enough!”

A realization dawned on Rui Yuchen. “Oh, so that’s it!”

Lin Canrong continued speaking. “That’s why I planned to send chefs to the Gourmet Laboratory regularly. They will try out new cooking methods and new dishes, and your nutritionist and professionals can help to give their feedback.”

Rui Yuchen nodded decisively. “Of course, I would love that! If you discover new dishes, we would be able to use them as well. It could even inspire those working at the laboratory!”

Lin Canrong could not help but feel emotional. Boss Pei always had the clearest view of the problem!

Before this, Lin Canrong had been throwing a minor tantrum. Why should Fish-Catching Take-Out be allowed to rapidly expand despite incurring losses? Why should Ming Yun Private Kitchen remain stagnant despite generating profits for so long?

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Was Boss Pei biased? Now, it was clear that Lin Canrong had misunderstood Boss Pei.

Boss Pei was emphasizing the fact that Ming Yun Private Kitchen and Fish-Catching Take-Out were both important food and beverage businesses in Tengda Corporation’s plan. Thus, they should work together without being calculative!