Is that watching news on the Internet is really true?

Is that watching news on the Internet is really true?

She pressed the keys carefully which immediately returned a crisp ‘click’ sound, scaring her into withdrawing her hand immediately.

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This sound was much louder than the keyboard in the computer class.

However, Tang Yishu stretched her hand out towards the keyboard and mouse again when she saw everyone around her typing furiously on the keyboard. She opened the webpage to check the homework assigned by her computer class teacher.

There were all sorts of games installed on the computer, but Tang Yishu did not know what these colorful desktop icons were. She surfed the internet in silence.

She turned her head towards Glabella, only to find that little back cat playing with the green plants in the office. She then turned her eyes to the computer again with relief. Suddenly, a girl with a round face and huge eyes came to her. “Hello, Tang Yishu, right?”

Tang Yishu stood up hurriedly. “Hello.”

Hao Yun smiled. “Aiya, there’s no need to stand up. I’m Hao Yun from the HR department. This is your internship contract.”

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“Your monthly salary will be 3,000 yuan. No fixed working hours. Take a look and sign if there’s no problem.”

Tang Yishu accepted the internship contract and read it from beginning to end.

The content of this contract was very simple. There were neither pits nor traps. There was no problem except for the high pay.

Tang Yishu looked up at Hao Yun. “The pay… is a little… too much.”

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Hao Yun smiled. “No, this is Tengda’s normal pay scheme.”

She took out a wad of money from her pocket seeing Tang Yishu sign the contract. There were ten pieces of 100 yuan bills. “Boss Pei asked me to advance this amount of salary to you so that you can buy some warm clothes. The weather is getting colder. The company’s heating might be warm, but the difference in temperature indoors and outdoors is rather huge. It’s very easy to catch a cold.

“Have lunch with us later. The Fish-Catching Take-Out is delicious.”

“Al-alright.” Tang Yishu nodded hurriedly, somewhat at a loss.

Her clothes might be thin, but her heart was warm and fuzzy. That was probably not due to the heater in the office.