“We can talk about that later,” said Hegan, “if I can find the man for you.” And Montague shook hands with him and left.

He stopped in on his way home in the evening to tell Lucy about the result of his interview. “We shall hear from him soon,” he said. “I don't imagine that Hegan is a man who takes long to make up his mind.”

“My prayers will be with him,” said Lucy, with a laugh. Then she added, “I suppose I shall see you Friday night at Mr. Harvey's.”

“I shan't come out until Saturday afternoon,” said he. “I am very busy these days, working on a case. But I try to find time to get down to Siegfried Harvey's; I seem to get along with him.”

“They tell me he goes in for horses,” said Lucy.

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“He has a splendid stable,” he answered.

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“It was good of Ollie to bring him round,” said she. “I have certainly jumped into the midst of things. What do you think I'm going to do to-morrow?”

“I have no idea,” he said.

“I have been invited to see Mr. Waterman's art gallery.”

“Dan Waterman's!” he exclaimed. “How did that happen?”

“Mrs. Alden's brother asked me. He knows him, and got me the invitation. Wouldn't you like to go?”

“I shall be busy in court all day to-morrow,” said Montague. “But I'd like to see the collection. I understand it's a wonderful affair,—the old man has spent all his spare time at it. You hear fabulous estimates of what it's cost him—four or five millions at the least.”

“But why in the world does he hide it in a studio way up the Hudson?” cried Lucy.

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The other shrugged his shoulders. “Just a whim,” he said. “He didn't collect it for other people's pleasure.”

“Well, so long as he lets me see it, I can't complain,” said Lucy. “There are so many things to see in this city, I am sure I shall be busy for a year.”

“You will get tired before you have seen half of them,” he answered. “Everybody does.”

“Do you know Mr. Waterman?” she asked.