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“Hmm? Nope, it’s not like that. I’m not you, brother. I’m not afraid of people.”



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Kousei seems to be acting like he’s teasing someone as he said that. Then, he looked outside the window and mumbled.

“…Ay, I guess there’s still a bunch of good friends that care about me. If we’re talking about you, brother.”

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While he acts coldly, he does care for me. Hmm, my little brother is still just as outstanding as usual. He’s so perfect that it hurts my brain, this little brother.

I’m so excited that I started leaning forward and talked to him.

“Kousei, I think everyone really likes you today!”

“…Who knows.”

Kousei chuckled like there’s a deeper meaning behind this. What a humble person. I really like him for not being arrogant. This is the little brother of my house. I should say that he’s very social while keeping his true self.

In comparison, I…


I leaned my body on the back of the seat entirely before looking outside the window.

I can’t see the sun anymore, and there’s star sparkling in the sky. The weather is clear, the air is clean, it should be a night with beautiful stars to see…Even though I can’t see anything inside the well-lit bus.

I grabbed my phone from the pocket and turned on the screen.

6:25 PM…During this time, the bus in front that’s heading to downtown is starting.