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Everyone began to take their own notes. At this point in their discussion, everyone could see the silhouette of the new game.

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This game would be completely different from traditional RTS games. The emphasis would be on the strategy before battle and not during battle, which would make the game more realistic.

What’s more, additional focus would be placed on the storyline, so that the movie would have more weightage than the game.

Once Ma Yiqun finished taking notes, his eyes lit up. “I suddenly thought of a good idea for the storyline!

“Boss Pei really likes gameplay that breaks through the fourth wall. Wanting to make the game as realistic as possible would be directly in line with his goals.

“If we hint gamers that there’s a real person behind every position through the game’s storyline, and sacrificing one position would be akin to sacrificing a real person... wouldn’t we successfully break through the fourth wall?”

Zhu Xiaoce hummed softly. “That’s a good idea, but... it seems quite outdated.

“Someone wrote a sci-fi novel on this concept in 1985, and it won the Nebula and Hugo awards. On top of that, the story was also about a war between the human race and Zergs, and a child who mistakenly thought he was playing a game when he was actually leading an inter-planet war...”

Ma Yiqun looked unfazed. “Of course, I know that. How could I not have heard of it before?

“Still, in literature, one’s not forbidden from writing about the same material just because someone else has done it before. Are you saying that people couldn’t write Western fantasy once Lord of the Rings was released? Of course not.

“The question is whether one is plainly copying or coming up with a novel idea while standing on their shoulders.

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“No matter whether one is developing a book or a game, a good idea would just be the first block of the foundation. Whether they made use of that good idea or not depends on how one expresses it.

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“I think that this idea is suited to be expressed as a game, and it’s perfectly in line with Boss Pei’s game design concepts.”