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Ishizaki and Nishino started talking. They must have been talking like this for more than ten days. The rest of the group concentrated on walking, as if they weren't listening.

"Ayanokouji-kun, do you ever feel lonely being in the exam?" Hiyori, who was walking beside me, asked me.

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"Not especially. I feel more comfortable. " "I think It's a bit lonely and scary."

“Scared, huh? I can't imagine Hiyori being scared. "

Since she is always so relaxed, she seems to be insensitive to these issues. Even when psychic phenomena occur, she seems to just clap her hands and say, "This is amazing!"

“But I'm still pretty scared, you know. That is why I am sincerely impressed withAyanokouji-kun. "

I think Horikita and Ibuki are doing better than me.

The longer you struggled with loneliness, the weaker your mental state became, and the more you began to think about things you didn't need to think about.

You begin to feel things that are not there in the sound of the wind or the swaying of the trees.

"Surely … living on an uninhabited island alone is impossible for me."

Hiyori looked a bit scared when imagining it.

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Only through this test of the uninhabited island was I able to see an unusual side of her.

“They are very close. Don’t they?"

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I'm not sure how long he had been walking in front of everyone, but Ishizaki turned around, looked at us, and said so. (You don't need to get involved in anything else)

"Why don't they go out? They can be couples and that's how Ayanokoji comes to our class, right?”

“You’re thinking about it a lot."

Nishino throws a strong punch and Ishizaki yells holding his head. "It's funny, isn't it, Ishizaki-kun?"

With a giggle, Hiyori replies without seeming to care. If I took Ishizaki's words at face value every time, I'd be in trouble. I will let it pass.