Maggie and Mr. Smith faced the thing squarely.

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"Of course," he began with a sigh, "I'm really not out of the woods at all. Blissfully happy as I am, I'm really deeper in the woods than ever, for now I've got you there with me, to look out for. However successfully John Smith might dematerialize into nothingness—Maggie Duff can't."

"No, I know she can't," admitted Miss Maggie soberly.

"Yet if she marries John Smith she'll have to—and if she doesn't marry him, how's Stanley G. Fulton going to do his courting? He can't come here."

"But he must!" Miss Maggie looked up with startled eyes. "Why, Mr. Smith, you'll HAVE to tell them—who you are. You'll have to tell them right away."

The man made a playfully wry face.

"I shall be glad," he observed, "when I shan't have to be held off at the end of a 'Mr.'! However, we'll let that pass—until we settle the other matter. Have you given any thought as to HOW I'm going to tell Cousin Frank and Cousin James and Cousin Flora that I am Stanley G. Fulton?"

"No—except that you must do it," she answered decidedly. "I don't think you ought to deceive them another minute—not another minute."

"Hm-m." Mr. Smith's eyes grew reflective. "And had you thought—as to what would happen when I did tell them?"

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"Why, n-no, not particularly, except that—that they naturally wouldn't like it, at first, and that you'd have to explain—just as you did to me—why you did it."

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"And do you think they'll like it any better—when I do explain? Think!"

Miss Maggie meditated; then, a little tremulously she drew in her breath. She lifted startled eyes to his face.

"Why, you'd have to tell them that—that you did it for a test, wouldn't you?"

"If I told the truth—yes."

"And they'd know—they couldn't help knowing—that they had failed to meet it adequately."